Smarter Cleaning Products Designed In Los Angeles



Cleaning up the mop industry.

Kevin and Jin Chon were given a spin mop by their Mom and after just a few uses the mop completely fell apart.  It was cheaply made and hard to use like many products on the market.  They loved the concept of the spin mop, but it needed to be more durable, more functional and more affordable.

With a background in product development, the siblings got to work creating a mop that would change the market.  They went to countless factories and worked with engineers to pour over every detail.  The final product was everything they had set out to make and more, combining superior technology with durable materials. High quality, eco-friendly and easy enough for Mom to use -- the Mopnado® was born.

Based in Los Angeles, Kevin and Jin continue to keep the integrity of the Mopnado® with a direct to consumer model and in-house customer service.  Their small team is working hard to make everyday even better.

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