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Q: My Mopnado mop system stopped spinning , what is going on?

A: Make sure the Mop Handle Twist Lock is in the "UNLOCKED" position anytime you are mopping. Click for a video on how to Unlock the Mop Handle. HOW TO UNLOCK THE MOP HANDLE If the mop is correctly inserted into the bucket, and the handle is unlocked and still doesn't spin, please contact our customer service department.

Q: How to remove the Mop Head.

A: Make sure you step on the Mop Strands only, and tilt the mop. If you step on the plate itself, it can break or damage the mop plate. Click for a video on how to remove the Mop Head. HOW TO REMOVE THE MOPHEAD.


Q: How do I empty the bucket?

A: Lift the bucket, and grab the back of the bucket with your free hand and tilt to pour out the bucket contents. We recommend emptying into a toilet. Click for a video on how to empty the bucket. HOW TO EMPTY THE BUCKET.

Q: Where is my scrub brush?

A: The scrub brush will be inside the bucket, and sometimes the stainless steel spinner itself. It is the same color as the bucket so it can be easily missed. If you cannot find it, flip the mop upside down and gently shake it and it should reveal itself. If the Scrub brush, is missing, please contact our customer service.

Q: How do I fill the soap dispenser?

A: Reach under the dispenser and unscrew the soap dispenser. Fill it with your preferred concentrated cleaning solution and screw back in. Click for a video on how to fill the soap dispenser. HOW TO FILL THE SOAP DISPENSER.

Q: The mop head has fibers falling off, is this normal?

A: It's normal for a few strands to fall out over time, however if a large amount of strands start to fall out, please contact our customer service department. Proper installation and removal technique is important to ensure long life of your mopheads.

Q: Can I use bleach in my mop system to clean with?

A: We do not recommend using bleach with our mopheads. Chlorine bleach, over time, can damage the fibers and reduce the life of the pad. 


Q: What is the best way to take care of my mopheads.

A: We recommend machine washing on gentle cycle low heat. Do not use bleach, or fabric softeners, and allow them to air dry. High heat will damage microfiber.


Q: Can I use the mop heads on textured surfaces?

A: It depends, if the surface is very grippy, the microfiber strands will cling on and will not slide over the surface. We recommend using the scrub brush attachment for textured surfaces.

Q: Why isn’t my mop system spinning without water in the bucket?

A: The Mopnado needs water in the bucket to allow the agitator to spin properly.

Q: Why does the mop plate flop around while I am mopping?

A: Mopnado requires a different mopping technique than other mops. It needs slight downward pressure to ensure the mophead stays flat and maximizes cleaning surface area. Click to watch a video on how to Mop. HOW TO HOLD THE MOP HANDLE