The Difference


Our patented spin drive handle eliminates the need to balance on one foot while pushing a pedal on a damp floor.

We're not rocket scientists, but that sounds dangerous!

Using centripetal force (like a giant salad spinner),

with both feet firmly planted on the ground,

push down on the handle to start the spinning motion.

We've geared our spin drive to accelerate faster to remove more water than pedal driven mops.

Making it a safe choice for your wood and laminate flooring.


The Built in Rinse Agitator

Spins Out Dirt and Debris From the Mop Head,

Ensuring a Cleaner Mop Every Time!       


A Stainless Steel Basket And Handle

Ensures Mopnado Not Only Looks Good,

But Will Last You A Long Time.

Our systems are torture tested to survive over 20,000 spins!

Our ABS materials are tested to over 71 kg or 156 lbs and have failed at 116 kg or 255 lbs!

Our stainless steel handles are tested to over 40 kg or 88 lbs.

Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, is SCC accredited and IAF approved.

Our Mop Plates have gear reduction technology making our mops easier to spin, reducing the effort every time you push down. If you've tried other spin mops before, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier the Mopnado is to spin. 

New 56" Extended length Handle comes standard making it even easier to get into hard to reach spots.

Built in Soap Dispenser

Over Size Wheels

Heavy Duty Handle

Retractable Pull Handle